Does Flex Belt Work?

What is Flex Belt?

It’s an ab toner. It works in an easy manner. It produces a very small electrical signals whenever the belt is strap around the stomach. These signals go deep in to the abdomen area and cause contraction of the muscles. As a result, muscles get hardened and toning of abs occurs.


1. The Flex Belt is FDA approved for toning and tightening your abdominal muscles.

2. It really is very simple to work with. You basically set it on around your belly and it may pretty much be appropriately used almost everywhere without problems.

3. Several athletes and celebrities (and others too) have given positive testimonials after using it.

Denise Richards is an actress, a mother of three, and a business woman… She uses the Flex belt whenever she’s reading scripts, getting ready in the morning or making her children’s lunches.

For more information read these flex belt reviews.


1. It’s a bit pricey. For a fitness product that just focuses on the abdominal muscles, it is somewhat expensive, but extremely efficient!

2. It’s often taken wrongly for a weight loss device. It doesn’t claim to make you thinner or shed weight. The official site highlights that their endorsers are making use of the machine in addition to their already healthy lifestyle.

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Cosmetic Surgery… When?

When is cosmetic surgery a solution?

Well… in my opinion, cosmetic surgery is the solution when every other option has been considered not being one…

I give you an example… Morbid obesity… it’s a disease! No matter what people do they just can’t lose weight… So, a gastric bypass surgery is a solution in this case.

Another example: the excess of flab skin after pregnancy or sudden weight loss… no matter what you do -exercise or diet- you just can’t get rid of it… So a tummy tuck is perhaps the only solution here.

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My Accountability Friend

My calendar is full every month and it is a constant struggle for me to stick to an ideal workout that isn’t a pain to add to my schedule. I also have to watch my diet since I find it easier to gain weight than lose it. A friend of mine has tried taking organic yacon syrup to keep her weight down and it worked!

Seeing my friend shed off some pounds is an amazing experience. Imagine you get to eat syrup that tastes good but is healthy for you. That is simply amazing, right? Now my friend and I watch what we eat and follow our fitness regimen. Where to purchase yacon syrup? Do it here.


I call it an accountability friendship where I get the support I need whenever I feel like quitting. Trying to lose weight is easier for others but not for me, since I love procrastinating. So, my ideal kind of exercise includes a friendly but regular reminder from a friend who means business.

When I feel too lazy to hit the gym, I call this friend and confess my predicament. In return, this accountability friend will do anything in his or her power to make me do what I’m supposed to do. I guess we all need some sort of nagging in order to make the wisest decisions, particularly on matters related to health. Read also this article: Health & Diet Tips

It takes a real friend to be this person in one’s life. If you already have one, then be thankful. Obviously, I’m thankful for mine (and by the way, I have more than one accountability friend).

A Little Help…

Well… Would it be nice if you could have a little bit of help in your weigh loss quest?

saffron extract supplementWhat if a supplement could help you lose way in a healthy and safe way?

Let me tell you that there is such a supplement!

It may sound hype but the truth is that saffron extract may well be a weapon that your should use against weight…


Because this natural supplement acts upon one of the biggest obstacles of losing weight: cravings and hunger!

When taken the saffron extract supplement increases the levels of serotonin which is a substance that makes you feel calm, happy and satisfied. That is the same effect people have after eat bread, chocolate, cakes, or biscuits…

Several studies were made and they all prove its ability to help people lose weight.

How Start Your Journey

Losing weight and be healthy isn’t as hard as you may think, but isn’t easy and fast as those fad diet programs advocate!

If you really want to lose weight the first step is to change your mind set!

You must be positive about the process and you need to commit to it. If you or someone come up with a weight loss plan you need to stick to it as hard as you can… And that is going to be the hardest part of it. For some people eating (and doing bad food choices…) it’s like drugs… it’s an addiction!

lose weight in a healthy way

In theory the process is quite simple. You need to burn more calories than the ones you ingest. How do you do that?


(1) you eat less and maintain your level of activity;

(2) you eat the same amount of food, but increase the level of activity;

(3) or you eat less and exercise more!

Of course, option (3) is the best!

An important aspect is food choice… You can eat the same amount of food, but you simply change bad foods (like the ones rich in fat…) for healthy ones (veggies, fish instead of meat,…).